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Updated: 2009/05/07
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Information Manual
NootroClin Hospital Information System
NootroPharm Pharmacy Management System
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EPR (Pty) Ltd has a distributorship agreement with Mindmatter for the supply of the Nootroclin Hospital Information System, which covers the requirement for a HIS as defined by the National DOH. It has been implemented throughout the Northern Cape Province and functional since January 2000.

The Nootroclin System has also been viewed and praised by many of the other Provinces in South Africa. It was the first system to cater for the UPFS billing, and has done so since April 2000.

Nootroclin was developed as a database independent system, and is currently able to operate on Oracle, Informix, Caché or Interbase.


The major modules of NootroClin include the following:

· Master Patient Index
· Patient Registration
· Inpatient Admissions
· Outpatient Bookings
· UPFS Billing
· Debtors Management
· Clinical Checklists
· Pharmacy Management (NootroPharm Module)
· Order Entry
· Results
· ART monitoring
· Diets
· Theatre
· Management Information

Standards incorporated into NootroClin include ICD-10 for diagnosis, NSN for pharmaceutical stock, HL7 for interaction with other systems (eHR™.ZA, Disa*Lab).

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EPR (Pty) Ltd has a distributorship agreement with Mindmatter for the supply of the NootroPharm Pharmacy Management System. The multi-lingual NootroPharm Pharmacy System, which can operate as part of the NootroClin HIS or as a standalone system, was designed by pharmacists.

It caters specifically for government hospital pharmacies, high volume retail pharmacies, private sector hospital pharmacies, HMO's, clinics and clinic networks.

The system was developed to support a unique time and energy saving:

· computer assisted patient counselling and education.
· computer assisted perpetual Inventory control.


NootroPharm supports all regular prescription filling tasks, maintenance of patient profile records and generation of all labels, receipts, and third party billing documents. Inventory control can be managed for centralized or multiple locations.

Drug/allergy interaction checking is automatic and full patient consultation information can be printed on demand. Clinical and management reporting flexibility is unlimited.

All script labels, patient counseling and drug monographs are primarily in English as well as Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish as well as any additional language which can be motivated.

It is worth noting that the pharmacy module is also capable of the total management of the Central Medical Store, including orders/requisitions from all institutions. This could allow tracking and management of pharmaceutical supplies from suppliers, through the Medical Store and hospitals and clinics, all the way to the patient.

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The Electronic Health Record is designed to store information about the health of an individual.

Information from a variety of health care providers is collected and stored in a single record, providing a complete and accurate record of an individual’s personal health history.

The protocol used to transfer data is HL7, which is an International standard for formatting, transmitting and receiving data in a healthcare environment.

Importantly, the individual decides who may or may not see information pertaining to previous health encounters. Because the system operates via the Internet, individuals have on-line access to their own personal Electronic Health Records.


Health care providers are able to access patient records at the point of a clinical encounter. This ensures that health care providers have complete information about their patients’ health and health care histories, enabling them to provide the best possible healthcare program.

Diagnoses, treatments and outcomes will be vastly improved when health care providers have access to individual health information and can link that information to clinical support tools, as they become available.

The use of the eHR™.ZA will result in improvements in clinical processes, work efficiency, and continuity of care. Increased cost savings can also be achieved. For instance, having access to recent test results can provide huge cost savings by avoiding duplicate test requests.

Security and confidentiality will be improved as precautions have been put into place to ensure that the eHR™.ZA only grants access to those people who have a need to know and are duly authorised.

The eHR™.ZA can produce benefits in managing chronic and infectious diseases by expanding the information available in the electronic health records to the primary health care level. The ability also exists for the linking of disability and welfare information into the record of an individual.

Electronic health and welfare records can provide aggregate data that can be used in health research and surveillance, programs such as PMTCT or ARV, tracking disease trends and monitoring the health status of the population.

Lastly, patients can play a role in the management of their own healthcare, by being better informed about their conditions and their treatment plans.

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