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Information Manual

Our Company

  Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. Mission
  3. Staff
  4. Products
  5. Services
  6. Projects
  7. Black Economic Empowerment
  8. Ownership of EPR (Pty) Ltd


1. Background

Electronic patient records (Pty) Ltd was formed in February 2002, from the Health Systems unit of Comparex Africa (now Business Connexion).

EPR continues to do business in the manner that it was previously doing. This applies particularly to its business ethics, standards and methodologies.

2. Mission

EPR’s primary objective is to integrate services and products to provide solutions to the healthcare industry.

3. Staff

The staff that are involved with EPR have previously been involved in all aspects of Healthcare systems for a number of years. These include Academic and Community hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, nursing etc.

The staff experience covers both clinical and administrative services, as well as project and technical experience. Three of the Executive Directors have more than 60 years experience in Health Information systems.

Where required, additional skills are contracted for specific projects.

4. Products

EPR currently has 2 products that it presents to the healthcare market.

Nootropics is an integrated suite of Hospital Information Modules that was developed in South Africa by MindMatter.

eHR™.ZA is an Internet based service that provides an Electronic Patient Record to the South African healthcare market.

5. Services

EPR performs as a systems integrator in the field of Healthcare systems.

Services provided by EPR cover Project Management, Training, Business process re-engineering, Helpdesk, Implementation and other consulting services in the field of health care information systems.

6. Projects

The most notable success enjoyed by EPR is within the Northern Cape Province in South Africa. This Project has involved the implementation of patient management systems at 11 regional hospitals, including the pharmacy module.

All project milestones over the initial 2-year implementation period were met on time and the client is extremely pleased with the performance of EPR in the execution of the project.

7. Black Economic Empowerment

EPR believes that social and economic development of South Africa depends largely on the development and creation of available skill levels of the population.

For this reason, EPR supports and is committed to responsible and sincere implementation of black economic empowerment.

EPR is pursuing meaningful empowerment opportunities that create value and unlock potential for its empowerment partners.

EPR will ensure a meaningful role for its black economic empowerment partners, because it is committed to:

  • The South African and African market
  • Developing meaningful partnerships and relationships with Black Empowerment companies and Consortiums
  • Integrated black economic empowerment in the form of Employment Equity
  • Real skills and knowledge transfer to its empowerment partners
  • Establishing a sustainable programme which will ensure continuous development and implementation of black economic empowerment

EPR’s Black Economic Empowerment Policy and its Employment Equity Policy documents are available on request.

8. Ownership of EPR (Pty) Ltd

41% of the equity of Electronic Patient Records (Pty) Ltd is held by Royce Carling International, a private venture capital investment organisation.

39% of the equity of Electronic Patient Records (Pty) Ltd is held by a South African black economic empowerment consortium known as “Ithembalethu” - our destiny.

In line with Royce Carlings’ policy of empowerment rather than enrichment, none of the large black empowerment financial powerhouses were offered this equity. A consortium was established consisting of local individuals from the previously disadvantaged community that will add value to the organisation and ultimately benefit from their equity participation.

20% of the equity of Electronic Patient Records (Pty) Ltd is held by staff employed by EPR

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